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Partner with Us

Increase your business and sales without spending a penny!

Another You is a household management and executive assistance company dedicated to helping the overworked Washingtonian enjoy more leisure time.

We want to partner with small businesses that are like us:

  • customer-centered
  • friendly
  • goal-oriented
  • local companies with great operations and customer service

We don't care how young your company is or how small. What is important is your dedication to your customer, your reliability, and your company's goals.

We're looking for:

  • dry cleaners
  • florists
  • house cleaners
  • carpet cleaners
  • personal chefs
  • landscapers
  • handymen
  • day care providers
  • firewood cutters
  • pet sitters
  • tax advisors
  • financial advisors
  • accountants
  • restaurants
  • caterers
  • travel agents
  • answering services

If you're interested in becoming an Another You strategic partner, please contact us via email, telephone, or fax; or download our form (.pdf).