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Rates and Packages

Prices vary, beginning at $40-$50/hour for household and executive services, and $65-$100/hour for organization services. We offer annual contracts and monthly packages which reduce the hourly rate.

Monthly Packages

From the Basic package with 11 hours per month, and the Deluxe package with 15 hours per month, to the Premier package with 20 hours per month, we have a package to suit your needs.

Divide the hours among our service offerings, any way you choose. Suggested divisions are below. Sign up for annual service and get bonus hours added to your package!

If your needs are more unpredictable, custom packages and services are also offered. Just call us at 301-509-6615 for more information.

Services Basic Package
# of hours
Deluxe Package
# of hours
Premier Package
# of hours
Stress-free Finances 1 1 2
Easy Living 4 6 8
Reservations, Please
I Could Really Use...
1 1 2
Housecleaning 3 5 5
Total 11 15 20

We Love Our Clients Loyalty Program

Each time you refer a friend to Another You, LLC, you get free time toward an Another You, LLC service. For every two referrals who actually use us, you receive one hour of free service—and there's no limit to amount of free hours you can earn! Be sure to contact us for more information.

Credit Cards

We accept all major credit cards for your convenience through our online processing.

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